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Cash game poker strategy: Don’t Play Your Poker Hand: Do THIS Instead! - █-█otD 34


I was up to around 40K. Really put him on tilt. He said it was quite a sight to behold, all the barely dressed young ladies all lined up for the club. There was no chance he was going to be able to post his big blind and the big blind ante before the level changed and the blinds increased.

Maybe he put me on only two hands…Ace or Ace The table luckbox with a big stack led out for a bet and I shoved. So I had the second nuts. See also Rules for Blogging. But he flopped a Jack and that was all I was out, probably about 40 away from the money.

No, not Buck Naked, just the blonde gal who gets buck naked professionally. I played for a long time—8 hours in fact—but spoiler!!! It folded around to a big stack, who asked for a count I think it was a bit under 8K, not sure. I wanted him to be on tilt cuz he called me with Jacks and lost a huge pot.

I had gotten my much needed double up.

The Russian laughed and talked a bit and finally folded face up—King-Jack. That partially explains it.

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Technical Restrictions At present we have the following technical restrictions: I was going to tell you myself. So I opened shoved offsuit. So now I looked at pocket deuces and decided it was time to take some risks.

And another one on the turn. A player not in the hand may have affected the result of a potentially big hand I was involved in by doing something he had every right to do….

Из чего сделано?

This time she was wearing something a little more revealing and I could see her tramp stamp, her leg tattoos and a little bit of side boob. But I had a few interesting experiences at some of the tournaments I played before busting out prematurely and this is one of those.

Five of us saw a flop oftwo spades. Or perhaps just his pointing out that it was a check-raise would make him think about the hand more than he otherwise might? Wednesday, September 12, Kings, Then Aces.

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Now, when I watch poker training videos I sometimes hear the poker coach talking about "allowing your opponent to play perfect poker. Or a party-pit dancer, for that matter.

The table was weird, a few aggros but lots of limping too. It was a fun ride home.

I think at one point he was counting chips and it looked like he was gonna continue one way or the other and I was happy about that.

A big stack called. We went a few orbits where most times the blinds would chop, and then others where there were some big raises, big pots.

The short stack had two Queens. I felt I needed to get the pot bigger, and if I bet everyone off of it and picked up a small pot, so be it. Then I found out what really happened. There cannot be two identical comments in one article.

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Of course, insults, slurs and racist or sexist attitudes are not allowed. It folded back to him and he tanked.

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He was thinking of coming downtown and joining me in the Nugget tournament. Now he was thinking of a third option….

After tanking a bit longer he called. I dunno why exactly, but as soon as she said dancer I knew she was a stripper.

But maybe Ace-Queen, Ace-Jack. He texted me back that he thought she worked at a certain strip club which he named. My poker was over for the day.

Плюсы и минусы использования

Then Russian started giving me a hard time. And they asked her what she did for a living and she said she was a dancer.

Another possibility was driving out to Pahrump to purchase some affection legally you know from his guest posts how wild Buck is. So I just could not find the motivation to make the trek.

It is prohibited to include any type of advertising in the comments. First time this tournament. Although we prefer to be understanding and tolerant, we have concluded that when a user is abusing the comments feature, it is necessary for us to take appropriate action.

When I said to Buck, "Did you hear that? No, just a King. And he mentioned that on Friday and Saturday night, they line up for their nightclub right in front of and around the poker room. The first guy called instantly but the other guy went into the tank.

Pretty good for that game. Well the blonde dancer said that she works for tips, so she overtips.

And I got…shown the door. A single member cannot submit two identical comments on different items. Yeah, that pretty much confirmed to me that she was indeed a professional clothing remover.

A lot of people would slow play it, even with the two clubs. Still I want to talk about some hands and one hand in particular that kind of perturbed me the more I thought about it. Maybe she had a weaker Ace than mine, but I also thought it was very possible she had Ace-King.

In late position, I open shoved Jack Money would be better. The guy on my right, who was the luckbox from the first table I was at, opened to 3X or so. But as he was running out of time, he picked up his cards and mucked them.

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