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Trial Poker Tracker

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Innovative poker tracking HUD software for professional players


All in all, it is great software highly recommended to all poker pros. With the HUD you get detailed statistics about your game play as well as the game play of your opponents. PokerTracker 4 Conclusion If you are a poker player that wants to become professional in the game, you should definitely consider buying Pokertracker 4. To import data, you can use the auto import tool and pick a poker room from the list or you can use the manual import tool instead.

Pokertracker itself is continually tracking the most popular poker rooms and networks and is monitoring who is playing on the tables in which games as well as which sites attract a lot of players.

However, always have in mind that the accuracy of the statements from the player statistics greatly depends on the sample size of the hand histories. Such small investment can truly change the way you play poker provided that you well-understand how to use Pokertracker 4 and how to read stats info.

With enough sample size you will have more information about and clearer picture of the game play of your opponent. There is no way to customize the report at this time.

Next you need to select online poker sites and configure hand histories.

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With out latest release of Drivehud v1. What Our Customers Say about our online poker hud.

It can also show you specific situations where you have made a wrong decision and a lot more. The final two HUD stats, FC and F2, refer to how often the player folds to flop continuation bets and how frequently your opponent folds to a second barrel in percentage, of course.

If you are on a current losing streak a particular graph can give you a clear view of your ups and downs and you can review the part when you were in a winning streak and compare the moves you have made then with those you are currently making.

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In essence, everything is in plain sight and simple to spot, especially if you are no stranger to slightly more advanced computer applications. On the other hand, usage of a tracking tool such as Poker Tracker is completely legal and allowed by all rooms.

Its a must need for every winning player! Notes Taking — Insert hand right into notes — Pin a note to a specific stat — Write note by three clicks by selecting template Automatic vs-Hero Stats Hand2Note automatically calculates value of "vs Hero" for each stat. The graphs can give you an insight into the long- term development of your wins and losses. The more sample size of hand histories, the better and more accurate player statistics. Click here to try Magic Holdem odds calculator!

Although it takes a bit of time and patience to set it up properly, the advantages of what it has to offer are definitely worth the bother, especially if you are a pro. PokerTracker 4 Software Before we go into details on the various helpful functions of Pokertracker 4 and explain how they can help poker players, we want to explain how this tracking and analysis poker software works and give our visitors an insight into its basic mode of operation.

This is where Pokertracker 4 comes in handy. This should be done before the start of the game. Graph your results by EV, showdown value, biggest winning hands, by time of day, with easy and intuitive poker tracking, and much more!

The entire data stored is processed statistically.

Click here to download Poker Tracker and try it out free for 30 days! However, there still are various tools that are web based, meaning that they hold a huge database of hands online and offer you to use statistics from these.

Simple clean data that Matters most to you!

A tool like this pays for itself quite fast, when compared to purchasing histories from a site like HH Dealer. This way, you will be able to maximise your winnings in all your playing sessions.

It allows you to upload hand histories from all the major poker rooms and analyse them. Your data will become much more accurate. An additional advantage of this database is that it can be used with other tools; the best example of this is the so-called table selection tools, which can find the tables with the worst opponents. To enhance your post- session analysis, the Hand Replayer offers a lot of customization. FPDB also has a very nice "Table Viewer" tab that will allow you to check out just about every statistic you can imagine on your opponents.

Tracking Tracking These are the most important tools for any poker player, they are also the most advanced ones. Drivehud has an add-in option to have a poker king hud. You will also find good and weak poker players and suitable tables to sit at.

Cash Game and Tournament Statistics Another useful feature of Pokertracker is the ability to provide statistics on cash games and tournaments.

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To be able to interpret the information from the stats you should familiarize yourself with the basic stat terms commonly found on the HUD. High Performance Days of slow import, freezes and huge databases are long gone.

Furthermore, having a sound, math-based strategy is of utmost importance, when playing poker tournaments. There is a large number of different statistics which can be difficult to comprehend, especially for beginners, therefore, it is advisable to start only with the most important statistics.

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The Hands stat shows the number of hands you have in your database for your opponent. It analyses your game play and over time and use you will see the leaks in your game so you can improve your actions when playing poker and make profit. The list is laid out in an easy-to-read format, so at a quick glance, you will be able to find out how many hands a player has in the database and how passive or aggressive they are.

Hence, if you really need to keep an eye on your statistics and whether you are improving or not, this may very well be the tool to help you with that.

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And yes, we have that too! These will help you learn the proper ranges for calling and going all in as well as learn about the required equity needed in certain spots. That is the exact reason for several ICM tools being developed.

This can either be your private one that has been bought or acquired over a period of time or alternatively, you can use an online one. Insert hands into notes Insert short visual represantation of a hand instead writing it as a text.

In combination with a poker heads-up manager, also known as HUD, Pokertracker 4 can also provide plenty of statistics that show the statistical profile of each opponent and his basic tendencies.

Table Search Table Search from Pokertracker and well as the TableTracker excellent add-on service are table selection tools that can help you find the best and most profitable poker tables so you can increase your winnings.

It is is easy to use, and the support staff is great if you have any unique questions. The stat information from the HUD analyses hand histories and presents them in an easy-to-read graphs where you can see your ups and downs during a particular gaming session including those of your opponents.


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